Adaption of Regular Schools

Betterment Education

Education is the key to empowering and lifting the children’s for their families, and entire communities out of poverty and transforming society. Many children are trapped in a poverty cycle, vulnerable to exploitation. Living in underserved areas deprives children of access to basic resources and places numerous structural barriers in their path.


We believe that no child in India, no matter how poor or underprivileged, should be denied access to quality of education. All children should have equal opportunity to realize their full potential and contribute toward the socioeconomic betterment of their communities.

In our adopted schools

We want to see all government and private schools into safe, clean and friendly learning spaces where the space is optimised for learning.

  • We want to modify abandoned rooms, hallways and inefficiently-used spaces at our adopted government schools into classrooms, labs, art rooms, libraries and even an auditorium.
  • Cleaning and repairing an unsafe portion of the building of schools such as removing hazards exposed electricity wires to ensure the safety of all students.
  • Cleaning the functional bathrooms and also ensured a system of upkeep to maintain their working and cleanliness at the government schools through privately-hired support staff in addition to the housekeeping staff assigned by the government. This was an essential requirement for a thriving in schools.
  • School corridors and hallways were repainted, re-tiled and brought back to life with plants. Barren, unwelcoming grounds have been lined with trees and turned into lush green spaces promoting healthy air and visual serenity.
  • In our adopted schools we are providing in the classrooms wall-to-wall chalkboards and have age- appropriate furniture’s designed to give students the best chance to learn

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