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Nutrition & Medical
  • Though at a small scale, but we were able to allocate funds for urgent medical needs of the individuals. Federal Charitable Trust also has plans to adopt old age homes, help them sustain the cost of operations, encourage them by funding or by arranging essential needs.
  • Old age home care team will inspect such places, provide necessary support to people in need, such as medical, clothing, daily essentials and groceries.
  • Federal Charitable Trust has plans to buy Medi-claim policy for low income individuals and families at trusts cost, from Government licensed organizations.
  • Federal Charitable Trust has plans to have its own “Hospice Village” In next 2 years, for old age people and terminally ill patients, give them medical assistance, good lifestyle, decent living conditions, healthy environment, in house medical assistance, various old age therapies such as Ayurveda, Kerala ancient treatments, Homeopathy and Unani medicine and allopathic treatments.

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